With our treasurer KOSTAS MYRAS we were hosted by the Governor of the Peloponnese PANAIOTIS NIKAS…… even without having an appointment! Thank you Governor.

He immediately said positive words about ELAFONISOS, the only island in the Peloponnese … “and what a magnificent island,” he told us.

“ELAFONISOS should ask us how to help develop its sustainable development and we will satisfy its wishes.”– says Governor Nikas

Waste management problem will be resolved by December. The region will take care of this. News that fills us with joy.
The improvement of the roads has almost been completed and now the island will also be reforesulated with adequate plants.
The legalization of the port is a necessity.

A visit to ELAFONISOS is scheduled for November.
As a first contact it was a very positive one.
It is our intention to define an upcoming meeting in October to present our ecological association with our objectives, our main projects and our strategy to make ELAFONISOS an ecological jewel of the Mediterranean.


president of the association

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