We are lucky to have since last summer in Elafonisos a “special” Doctor, Dr GEORGIOS NTOULAS, Surgeon/Flying Surgeon (Hellenic Air Force), Emergency Department, Disaster Relief Commander.
Before coming to Elafonisos, he was a doctor at the Minister of Health in Athens, General Hospital AGII ANARGIRI and Hellenic Air Force.

During these last 8 months, the Elafonisiotes had the opportunity to appreciate his amazing commitment.
Nassos Papopulias said : “He is a very professional doctor… since he was a child his dream was to become a doctor, help people is something in his blood”.
Dimitrios Papouliuas, Member of the Elafonisos Council with the civil protection role, works very close with him and said : “the doctor works more than 12 hour a day and the medical cabinet is open 24/24h, he controls the arrival of every ferry and he personally disinfects the ferry boat”.

As association, we recommended him to stop any entrance to the island by ferry in order to be able to claim after 15 days : ELAFONIOSOS IS A CORONA-FREE ISLAND.

We suggested the mayor Efi Liarou to have an urgent Extraordinary Council in order to decide to “close Elafonisos island” and have a document explaining this decision and the way food, beverage, medicine, petrol etc… will get and be dispatched in the island with no human contact from the mainland.

We care about the health of the Elafonisiotes and their survival in the future.

Thanks a lot to the Doctor, the Mayor, the Council and to all Elafonisiotes for their understanding and support of this proposal that is done only for their own sake and health,


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