For our organization, Tuesday 17/5 was the first day of our 5th Ecological Symposium and we were particularly excited to start a new discussion on the current issues of the island of Elafonisos.

His greetings were addressed by the President of the Organization, Enrico Toja triggering other key figures of the event to take the baton and meet the events of the day. Kostas Moiras, Vini Fillipi, Maria Aroni and Dimitris Roumanis, together with the President, opened the event and the discussion on issues of ecological consciousness and sustainability, which are our end in itself.

From the event could not be missing and eminent persons of the local political scene such as the Mayor of Elafonisos, Mrs. Efi Liarou, which talked about the burning issues of the island. Then, we connected via Zoom with the mayor of Trikala Mr. Dimitris Papastergiou who has managed to transform Trikala during his tenure and make the city of Trikala a model city for the whole country! We also had the honor to have at our Symposium, through a video link, of the Regional Governor of the Peloponnese. Mr. Panagiotis Nikas who expressed his support for our organization as well as his thoughts on the next steps. Mr. Theodoros Veroutis, former Deputy Regional Governor of Infrastructure and Transport, honored us with his presence via Zoom, building the foundations for a constructive discussion that could bring about great changes on the island.

In the next part of the first day of our Symposium, the architects Mr. Stavros Dendrinos and Mrs. Roulis Prinianaki presented to the attendees the Master Plan they have designed for the island which could turn Elafonisos into a model island of urban integrity and planning. The presentation of the Master Plan was followed by presentations by the Architects Mr. David Tjchman and Mr. Theodoros Sarantoglou who are active both in Greece and abroad having to demonstrate important work in favor of sustainability and sustainable development.

This was followed by a speech by our young volunteers , who have come to the island from countries all over Europe in order to help our work and to gain useful skills from their experience in Elafonisos. The first day of our Symposium was completed by the video presentation of video artist and photographer Els Opsomer.

In the evening, we all met at the fish tavern “Spyros-Spyridoula” to enjoy a Mexican dinner and discuss what we heard and saw all day long! Do not forget, our Symposium continues until Sunday, we are waiting for you all!


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