Dear Friends close and further, I am pleased to announce that from Friday November 6th to Sunday November 8th we will hold the 3rd Ecological Symposium of our beautiful Association in Elafonisos.
A great novelty this year, will be the possibility to follow the entire symposium in the world via the web, comfortably and safelyseated at home.

On the first day the programme will be dedicated to testimonies from various Greek islands about their ecological strengths. We will range from plastic free programmes to “non smoking” initiatives.
Different mayors from various islands will be streamed to bring their valuable testimony.
We will also talk about EU grants and investments from Europe, Greece and local foundations.

The second day will be dedicated to our strategic plan “Elafonisos 2025” to ensure that our island can progress towards ecological and sustainable development. A study on tourism trends, in the coming years, will be presented.

On the 3rd and final day, there will be the action plan “not only words but actions!!!” defined during the symposium and the closure of the works.

Throughout the three days, we will have the opportunity to listen to and admire various cultural moments and musical interludes presented by locals, including PAPA NIKO with his beautiful voice and keyboard.

I wait for as many of you as possible: Elafonisiotes scattered around the world, members of the association, all Greek and why not even a bunch of people simply lovers of Greece …



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