On August 14, 2010 we arrive with our little bark at the beach of Aghio Patapio

As we clean the beach, as we usually do, Simo hears a miaou coming out from a rock: to our great surprise we discover a very small Siamese kitten.

We ask ourselves how he got in this deserted place which can only be reached by sea or through a steep path … and on top of that we have never seen a Siamese cat in Elafonisos !!!

We decided not to abandon him to his fate and took him back with us to our little house in Panaghia bay.
There we gave him milk and looked lovingly after him. Little Maria Sole fell in love with the kitten.

Our holiday in Elafonisos came to an end… what do we do with the kitten ?
Filippo offered to adopt him and took him to Italy. He decided to name him LEO PATAPIO.

… 11 years later. Leo Patapio grew up very well and became the boss of Rosta, in the Piemont, where Filippo’s family lives.

We have shot then a video of Leo Patapio that we’ll show you because he’s hilarious.



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