On Friday, April 2nd, doctors arrived in Elafonisos to carry out the first vaccine to the entire population of the island. The 400 inhabitants have all been vaccinated.


hurrah!! Stop to the Covid!






On Friday, April 23rd, on Saint Georges, doctors came back to carry out the second Pfizer vaccine to the Elafonisiotes. The day is almost like summer!

200 additional Elafonisiotes came that were not present on April 2nd.
It makes a total of 600 people that were vaccinated. Perfect!

St. Georges, who defeated the dragon in the year 300, also defeated Covid in Elafonisos in 2021.
Elafonisos, completely Covid free, awaits from May onwards all visitors who love unspoiled nature, beautiful beaches and quiet living.

Our call for A.A.A.VOLUNTEERS has been a huge success.
We currently have more than 30 volunteers, including 4 groups of French boy scouts who will come to help us keep the beaches clean and care for the nests that 25 loggerhead turtles are expected to make on our beaches.


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