Great news!!! The first loggerhead turtle arrived last night on the beach of PANAGHIA and made the first nest of the season. HURRAH!! Our friends Kosta and Asimos, always early risers, arriving in Panagia early notice the traces, clearly visible, of a turtle that drags itself under the dunes and digs its nest. They immediately warn their friend Enrico by sending some photos. Enrico advises them to delimit the nest with small woods, to prevent any person from disturbing or damaging the nest. Diligent Kostas and Asimos professionally delimit the nest. VERY GOOD!

Enrico sends an email to the competent authorities so that they can come and check the nest.

In the early afternoon, directly from Vietnam, Angelo arrives on the beach and writes to Enrico “Arrived at the beach, here is the welcome … You can still see the traces of entry and exit from the water.”

We really have friends who love Nature and turtles.

In agreement with Kostas and Asimos we give the name “BELLA” to this turtle. That? In memory of BELLA, their cute wolf dog that cheered us up on the beach in the summer… and that he also went canoeing.

We will keep you updated. The turtles will be born between 45 and 65 days… and it will be a great joy.











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