by | Jul 21, 2021

The first were the magnificent seven of the “LES COMPACT’S”: Alix, Joséphine, Chloé, Mathieu, Victor, Martin and Thais

They arrived by ferry in Patras… with a few hours delay !!! At one o’clock in the morning, they finally landed on the island of Elafonisos….with a special gulet, and they found out that the place the municipality of Elafonisos was supposed to prepare for them was not ready!

With the help of Peter

they spent the first few nights at Simos camping.

They started the patrol early in the morning to check if any new turtles had left tracks to make their nest: no turtles had come.

After a few days the fantastic 5 of the group “Les Com’potes” arrived: Benjamin, Anna, Capucine, Adèle and Corentin.

Together, they continued the beachechecking to see if new turtle moms had arrived, they began to clean some beaches and found other volunteers to clean the beach and dunes of Simos.

During the weekend, they animated the ecological stand with Ilana, a French volunteer.

They also started distributing leaflets with QRcode to track visitors at Punta and ask them to fill questionnaires.

The third group has arrived, the legendary “VERT L’AU DELA”, Max, Claire and Sophie.

The news A.A.A. VOLUNTEERS WANTED with the video of Federica and Ludovica has paid off!

We will keep you updated