The Elafonisos water kiosk is one of the association’s major projects

The island of Elafonisos like many other Greek islands suffers from a water problem. The water that is taken from the wells is too salty for human consumption, so Elafonisos Eco had the idea thanks to the company WaterShop and Estella Hotel to solve this problem by installing a kiosk in the city center to desalinate the water.

In addition, the use of the kiosk reduces the amount of waste on the island, because 1 million plastic bottles are used on the island every year. Thanks to the kiosk, the number of bottles could be significantly reduced.

The water kiosk gives drinking water at a very low price, 2L = 10 cents, it is connected to the island’s well but thanks to a system it desalinates the water and makes it drinkable for living beings.

The main utility of the kiosk is to reduce plastic consumption on the island, currently there is only one kiosk in the city, but if the results of the uses are increasing, more will be installed on the island of elafonisos.

Where is it now?

The kiosk is currently located in front of the hotel “Estella hotel”

What are the advantages

of using the kiosk

Many benefits are possible by using kiosk water rather than plastic bottle water, whether economic or ecological benefits.

On this table we can see a multitude of data, it is an approximate representation of water needs and prices according to the different options,

Several cases are studied in this table on different dates to get an overview of the benefits that the inhabitants of Elafonissos could do by using kiosk water rather than plastic bottles.

The price of water from a plastic bottle bought in a store is about 40 cents / liter.

While using the water kiosk it returns to 5 cents / liter.


As we can see for a family of 5 people consisting of two adults and three children the price of water buying in the store is 930 € / year €

While if this family uses the kiosk it will cost them 116,25 € / year

So it would make a profit of about 813.8 € / year

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