France was widely represented this summer in Elafonisos by several groups of scouts and university volunteers,a total of 34 young girls and boys, who succeeded each other on the island between June and the end of August, coming from different parts of France!

At the initiative of the Association Elafonisos Eco,the first ecological association of a Greek island founded in 2013, a video message was sent at the beginning of the year via their website ( by Federica and Ludovica, two of their youngest members. They invited young people who care about the ecology and environmental aspects of the world, to come and spend time on the island during the summer, in order to contribute through their volunteer activity to sustainable development in this idyllic place.

Shortly after the publication of the video, the association received, from all over France, many requests to participate in this adventure!

Several groups came to the island totaling more than 2760 hours of activities, ranging from cleaning plastic and garbage in general on the beautiful beaches of Elafonisos, to patrolling the beaches early in the morning to check if turtles had left traces to make their nests, and protect this endangered species during this very delicate natural process. They also distributed leaflets at the arrival of the ferry and to local accommodations, asking visitors to fill out a questionnaire that will help improve the quality of services offered in Elafonisos.

During their stay in Elafonisos, they also had time to interact with the locals, sharing joyful and relaxing moments together in the evening in the local bars and restaurants.
Around the island of Elafonisos there are many Caretta Caretta turtles swimming in the crystal clear waters, so it happened to some to live the emotional experience of seeing them, swimming with them and living this fantastic natural connection.

The Elafonisos Eco association is extremely grateful to these motivated, talented and friendly young people for their valuable contribution to this green cause! They also learned from this first experience of cooperation with locals and international tourists who came to the island and committed to improving activities next summer, in order to protect the environment of the incredible landscape of Elafonisos!


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