Dear Elafonisiotes and all visitors,

We thought we’d write this short update to inform you about the situation to date on our beloved island.

Our research, supported by the data available at the medical center, shows no case currently present on the island.

We are actively monitoring the situation using the latest technologies, leveraging the smartphones of tourists and visitors.

We have found that the Italian Government is requiring all tourists returning from Greece to undergo the tampon either before departure to Greek territory or upon arrival in Italy.

Why generalize in this way, when there are islands like Elafonisos, along with many others, that are currently Covid-19 free ?

It would be as if in Italy we had a single outbreak in Udine and the Greek government imposed the tampon on all Italians arriving in Greece….

Security is fine, but you have to be more specific and not generalize by creating unnecessary panic.

It seems very strange to us that important Italian newspapers such as La Stampa, La Repubblica, Il Corriere della Sera, Il Messaggero, Il Sole24 hours, Ansa, Rai news etc. have not sided with the government pointing out that the cases in Greece are very limited and affect only a few areas.

Whereas, for example, in France and Germany there are many more cases but no measures are planned.

This measure has a major economic impact on tourism, to and from Greece, and we honestly do not understand why.

Anyone who would like to share information on this is welcome to communicate with us.

The President of the Elafonisos Sustainable and Ecological Development Association,



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