Our environmental association is dedicated to protecting and preserving our ecosystem through a variety of innovative and impactful projects. We run biodiversity awareness campaigns. We also organize clean walks to help reduce waste. Finally, we collaborate with the municipality of Elafonisos and other European countries to promote sustainable and eco-responsible practices. Each project aims to mobilize the community and bring about lasting change for a greener, healthier future.

Elafonisos, an 19-square-kilometer island, the only inhabited island in the Peloponnese dependent on fishing, is facing a critical threat from lionfish invasion. This invasive species not only disrupts the local marine ecosystem but also jeopardizes the island’s fishing economy. The repercussions extend beyond Elafonisos, impacting Greece and the Mediterranean Sea at large.

Economic activities on the island that create remarkable plastic wastes (owners and employees) like the accommodation sector, bars, restaurants, etc. This is why a new goal has been launched since 2020 : ZERO PLASTIC IN 2025 ON ELAFONISOS ISLAND GREECE. For this, we have create 2 new recycled bags.

In the village of Elafonisos, the water comes from an underwater pipe that provide into a continental source in a mountain. From this point on, two problems arise : the quantity of water provided on the island is not sufficient to satisfy the village’s primary needs all year round and the piping used to transport water from the mainland to the island is not watertight enough.

It’s an aquatic flowering plant endemic to the Mediterranean Sea. It grows slowly on sedimented surfaces at depths of up to 50 metres. It is a so-called “umbrella” species, whose nature and ecology provide resources for a large number of species. Around 50 species depend on Posidonia, and 400 plant species and 1 000 animal species use the plant as a feeding and breeding ground.