Our journalist friend DANA FACAROS contacted us as Elafonisos has been ranked as one of the best Greek islands to visit in 2023.
Here’s what he writes about us:

Simos beach, where two crescents of dunes form an hourglass in the turquoise sea, is irresistible, but you have to struggle to get there; Elafonisos is located in the southeast Peloponnese, a short ferry ride from Pounta, which is a four-hour drive from Athens Airport or just under three hours from Kalamata.

All hotels are small, including the Elafonisos Resort (from £82, B&B). There are other beautiful sandy beaches but only one “gem”, the oldest sunken city in the world, Pavlopetri 5,000 years old, so bring mask and snorkel. Elafonisos is no longer a secret, but it has not yet been invaded by mass tourism; Elafonisos Eco, the first environmental association on a Greek island, is dedicated to keeping it that way.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Elafonisos Eco Week which we will announce shortly.

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