New Elafonisos Eco association logo

by | Jul 11, 2021

Our association started its activity in 2013 and we decided to have as a logo a turtle, because in Elafonisos, and around there, can be found many land turtles and sea turtles Caretta Caretta, that need to be protected.

The actual logo was designed more as a land turtle.

After 8 years, we thought to redesign the logo.

We decided to keep the turtle symbol, but with a sea turtle and adjust the design around it, in order to be more aligned with the actual environment.

The logo proposed by the young designer FEDERICA T . was selected by our experts. Federica is a student at Parson University of Design in Paris (France). She said she came up with the idea of a circular shaped logo as a symbol for our ecological association, reminding members about recycling, the cycle of life, represented by the turtle. She was inspired by the circular economy that has also the objective to reach zero plastic in a foreseen future. Turtles swallow the micro plastic and it is very dangerous for their health. Sustaining the world with zero waste is our main goal. The new turtle Caretta Caretta logo is swimming and alive, its shell is designed also in a circular way to reinforce the concept we need to protect our planet in order to reach a sustainable future.

Do you like it? Please give us your comments!!


President of the Ecological Association for Sustainable Development