On February 13th, a great event took place as Enrico Toja, the President of Elafonisos Eco, returned to Greece after nearly a year of recovery from a serious accident. With the doctor’s clearance to fly for a couple of important meetings, our president first destination was Greece, a place he holds dear to his heart. While his doctors advised not visiting Elafonisos just yet, Enrico seized the opportunity to reconnect with friends and colleagues in Athens.

To celebrate his return, a cozy Aperitivo night was organized, attended by close friends and members of the Elafonisos Eco community. Laughter filled the air as everyone gathered to share snacks, drinks, and stories. It was a heartwarming reunion, with old and new faces alike, all eager to support Enrico´s journey back to full health.

Despite not being able to set foot on Elafonisos, the evening was filled with discussions about future projects and initiatives for the island’s preservation.

As the night drew to a close, hugs were exchanged, and gifts were given as tokens of appreciation. Although Enrico`s visit was brief, the warmth and camaraderie shared among friends left a lasting impression.

While we eagerly await the day when our president can return to Elafonisos, the Elafonisos Eco community remains strong in the commitment to protecting the island and its environment.

Welcome back Enrico! With your energised spirit guiding our association, we look forward to the future with optimism and enthusiasm.

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