In the spirit of cultural unity and tradition, our president, Enrico Toja, attended the traditional Vasilopita celebration hosted by the Communaute Hellénique de Monaco at the esteemed Monaco Yacht Club on January 14. This event served as a platform for fostering connections and building relationships within the Greek community in Monaco.


Vassilopita Tradition:

The highlight of the ceremony was the cutting of the Vasilopita, a Greek New Year’s Day bread or cake named after Saint Basil (Vassilios in Greek). This tradition dates back centuries and holds special significance for Greeks worldwide. The Vasilopita is typically prepared on New Year’s Eve, and a coin is hidden within the dough before baking. When the cake is cut on New Year’s Day, the person who discovers the hidden coin is believed to receive good luck for the coming year.

Meeting Greek Leaders:

During the festive occasion, our president Enrico Toja had the opportunity of meeting the new president of the Greek Community of Monaco, Katerina Lanara. In addition to this, he spent quality time with our friend, the current president, Sophia Vaharis Tsouvelekakis. The event provided an opportunity for networking and community building, as Enrico shared moments with his friends including Athanasios Kourniotis, who recently announced his involvement in the council of the Greek Community of Monaco.

Intriguing Insights:

Members and their families, along with friends of the Hellenic Community, gathered to partake in the traditional Greek celebration. The president of the Hellenic Community delivered an annual report, shedding light on the organization’s mission, role, and activities in both Monaco and Greece. This occasion not only celebrated the rich Greek heritage but also reinforced the sense of community among its members.

Archbishop’s Blessing:
The ceremony was officiated by His Excellency, the Archbishop Dimitrios Ploumis, adding a spiritual touch to the festivities. His presence enhanced the significance of the event, emphasizing the cultural and religious aspects of the Vasilopita cutting celebration.

Elafonisos Eco is happy to have been a part of this joyous event, fostering connections with the Hellenic Community and sharing in the spirit of the Vasilopita tradition. As we continue our commitment to environmental sustainability, events like these remind us of the importance of preserving cultural heritage and building strong communities for a brighter future.

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