Elafonisos, 29th of May 2023

Today, a historic milestone was achieved as the First Summit of Sustainable Development (SOSD1) witnessed a momentous signing ceremony on Elafonisos Island. The distinguished presence of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco underscored the significance of the summit and the urgency to address environmental concerns collectively.

SOSD1 brought together mayors, public authorities, associations and business entrepreneurs  committed to enhancing environmental solutions for endangered ecosystems. This gathering served as a catalyst for Greek leaders to officially sign a public commitment in Greece to protecting the environment, solidifying their dedication to driving sustainable change to commit to, Increase investments in renewable energy systems, Develop sustainable transportation and mobility solutions, Implement circular economy principles, Protect natural habitats and biodiversity, and Increase public awareness and education.

The signing ceremony marked a pivotal moment in the fight against environmental challenges. Through SOSD1, decision makers and influential figures pledged to develop specific and measurable actions and projects within their territories, ensuring a comprehensive approach to sustainability.

The Elafonisos Eco Association, as the driving force behind SOSD1, extends its sincere gratitude to HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and all the participants who attended this momentous ceremony. Their collective dedication and unwavering commitment will pave the way for innovative solutions and sustainable development within their respective territories.


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