What was so special about the cleaning actions we did in collaboration with the iSea and the Municipality of Elafonisos in the ports and beaches in Elafonisos?

The experience from the cleaning activities of the ports but also from the coastal areas of Elafonisos was really impressive, effective and useful at several levels. Elafonisos Eco Association developed those cleaning activities in collaboration with the iSea, the volunteers who supported both organizations and the Elafonisos Municipality, during 21/6 and 22/6/2022, in the framework of “Προσφέρω – I offer” supported by AB Vassilopoulos Supermarkets and Procter & Gamble company.


Wastes from the cleaning of the Ports in Elafonisos. French, German and Greek members (from Elafonisos, Thessaloniki and Neapolis) of this unique team. Divers, scientists and students joining their forces!…




In fact it was a multinational and multi-sector activity (NGOs, Public, Private and citizens), due to the fact that the 17 persons in total that participated actively, were from Greece, Germany and France!

For the first time in Elafonisos, data were scientifically collected on the quality and quantity of wastes. After the process of these data by the iSea, we will be able to have the profile and special characteristics of the wastes in our areas.


Wastes from the cleaning of the beach in Elafonisos.





Why are they so useful to us? …

Because we will use them in targeted actions to reduce our environmental footprint!

We have also seen in practice how the wastes from coastal areas cleaning should be recorded, and now we can apply this practices of recording in future cleaning actions that we will do. We will also feed those data in a large database that has been created especially for that reason (to receive data from cleaning actions from numerous NGOs and other organizations).


Our French University Student Vinciane that supported our activities

Trapped sea shells in wastes…









In the context of the “Reduce – Reuse – Recycle” (the 3 R’s) of the waste management, we asked some fishermen of Elafonisos about the anchors we pulled out from the bottom of the port and whether they would be useful for them. They replied that they will check them and reuse the ones that are still “functional” and useful!


The young Elafonisiotes that supported us!

Detail of the wastes selected from the bottom of the sea in Elafonisos Port







The rest of the anchors will be used by Elafonisos Eco for sculptural creations in collaboration with the artists that are continuously hosted in Elafonisos by our Association.

We really thank the Mayor of Elafonisos Mrs. Efi Liarou for supporting the whole project by providing useful machinery (like crane and bulldozer) and the services (Cleaning Service) of the Municipality of Elafonisos. They acted as catalysts for the removal of bulky objects from the main port of Elafonisos and the cleaning of the area of the Square, where we collected the waste materials.

Wastes selected in the wider area of Pounta / Elafonisos

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