Elafonisos awaits the arrival of tourists and wants to give them maximum comfort and protection.

Our association has made available to the town hall of Elafonisos a software with the QR code, so that people can be found immediately in case of need. This QR code also allows us during the stay at Elafonisos to give and receive useful information. The module is GDPR-compliant.

In Greece, thanks in part to the government’s scrupulous and well-planned action, cases of coronaviruses and deaths have fallen well below the European average. At Elafonisos no case of Covid-19 has been registered so far, and the goal is to have Elafonisos coronavirus freethroughout the year.

A leaflet in three languages, Greek, English and Italian, is delivered to punta along with the ferry tickets. Visitors are advised to keep this leaflet to keep in touch with us and offer a pleasant and relaxing stay. All hotels and B&Bs have a poster of this leaflet.

We would like to thank Stavros Deligiannidis for his fruitful collaboration and also Matteo Accattino, our software guru.

Nature is beautiful and the weather is summery but always with a refreshing breeze.


Leaflet PDF

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