Elafonisos Eco, in collaboration with the Hellenic Community of Monaco, recently hosted a workshop during the Monaco Ocean Week/Monaco Blue Initiative (MBI), addressing the escalating challenge of lionfish proliferation in the Mediterranean Sea. With valuable guests including representatives from KPMG, the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), and the warmest host, Katerina Lanara, President of the Hellenic Community of Monaco, the workshop aimed to foster collaborative solutions to mitigate this environmental threat.

Highlighting Key Insights:

The workshop served as a platform for diverse stakeholders, ranging from government officials to industry experts and academia, to exchange insights and perspectives on the multifaceted issue of lionfish proliferation. Attendees explored various dimensions of the problem, from its origins to potential management strategies, underscoring the need for innovative approaches and coordinated action.

Key Discussion Points:

Engaging discussions revolved around a myriad of topics, including regulatory frameworks, financial considerations for implementation, scientific research, and the pivotal role of Greece in spearheading environmental initiatives. The presence of KPMG and NTUA added invaluable expertise, enriching the discourse with insights from the private sector and academia.

Embracing Collaboration:

Throughout the workshop, there was a resounding consensus on the importance of collaboration and knowledge-sharing in tackling the lionfish threat. Participants acknowledged the interconnected nature of the issue and emphasized the significance of cross-sectoral cooperation in developing effective solutions.

Immediate Action Plan:

As the workshop concluded, participants outlined an immediate action plan and delineated next steps to sustain the momentum generated. This includes ongoing dialogue, research endeavors, and strategic partnerships aimed at implementing tangible management strategies and raising awareness about the lionfish issue.

Expressing Gratitude:

Elafonisos Eco extends heartfelt gratitude to all attendees for their commitment and invaluable contributions. Special appreciation is extended to Katerina Lanara, whose warm hospitality and leadership as President of the Hellenic Community of Monaco fostered an atmosphere of collaboration and camaraderie.


The Lionfish Threat Workshop at Monaco Ocean Week/Monaco Blue Initiative exemplified the power of collective action in addressing complex environmental challenges. With continued collaboration and concerted efforts, we can navigate towards sustainable solutions and safeguard the biodiversity of our seas for generations to come.

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