At the beginning of July, four groups of Belgian scouts arrived in Elafonisos.

The TILLEULS with 3 scout leaders and 12 teenagers
The SANAGA with 4 scout leaders and 7 teenagers
The ZEPHIR with 6 scout leaders and 24 teenagers
The PAMPERO with 3 scout leaders and 6 teenagers

They set up their tents near the sports field and immediately started their activities.

Their occupations consist in collecting the plastic that unfortunately invades the island and in monitoring any mummy turtles arriving to the beach to lay their eggs and then immediately inform the competent authorities. Also they raise ecological awareness among the local population and tourists, promote the use of the “water kiosk” that distributes high-quality drinking water at 5 cents a liter thus reducing the use of plastic bottles … But they still have time to also enjoy the beautiful sea and the wonderful beaches of Elafonisos, while socialising with young locals.

With the first ferry a group of scouts, a bit sleepy, went monitoring the possible arrival of mummy turtles on the beach from Punta to Magano.

Congratulations to these young people who have decided to spend two weeks of their summer holidays to engage in an ecological activity on our Elafonisos island. An excellent example to follow.


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