Dear Efi,
following  our phone call, I send you the very important document of  the ecological association: ELAFONISOS “CORONA VIRUS-FREE ISLAND”.
We appreciate the new measures taken by the Greek government, but  if you want to save the lives of your ELAFONISIOTES, the only way is to close 100% the entrance to the island, with NO EXCEPTION. You need to go beyond of the new measures and you have a fantastic opportunity being an island that can be 100% isolated.

You must be very strict. Control in Punta and also control in the port of Elafonisos. The food, beverages, medicines etc must arrive in Punta, discharged in the ferry and a team of Elafonisiotes will receive and dispatch. No one can go in Neapolis to the bank or other reasons. No permission can be given to enter or to exit from the island if you care for the health of your citizens.
You have a big responsibility and it is now that you must act in the interest of the health of the Elafonisiotes. Tomorrow could be too late.

I don’t want to disturb you, but with the Italian, French and now Spanish examples, it is my responsibility to pull the alarm loud and clear in your and all the Elafonisiotes interest.
Hope you will act accordingly.
We are here to help you.


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