Elafonisos Eco

We are the first ecological association of a Greek island!
Founded in 2013, our motto is: Elafonisos – Living Green

In Greece there are:

islands according to National Geographic

islands according to the Greek Tourism Authority

islands according to the Greek government

Among all these islands Elafonisos is one of the most beautiful and…

… we want to make it the most environmentally friendly!

The principles of our association

Preserving and protecting the natural beauty of this beautiful place:


The coast


The beaches


The flora


With the help of the island’s population, we want to turn Elafonisos into

a new reality that is attentive to sustainable development and ecology in order to

improve the quality of life of the residents but also that of tourists.

158 Members

We are a close-knit, growing group of friends of Elafonisos and… we’re waiting for you!!

10 Nationalities

The world is present in our association: from Greece to Italy, France, Belgium, Monaco, Germany, England, Spain, Israel and the USA… For now!

Ela Green, New New Year

It’s a
future that we want for Elafonisos.

Elafonisos – Living Green

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