5ES – 46 – 0 energy footprint level, by George Kremlis

by | Nov 11, 2022

“0 energy footprint level”

George Kremlis is an advisor at the Greek Ministry of Ecology.
It stresses the importance of developing the use of electric vehicles in Elafonisos as 2 000 cars arrive on the island during the summer.
It also implements that the creation of bike lanes on Elafonisos would help reduce transportation by non-electric vehicles.
Therefore, the installation of electric car chargers on the island could help develop the project and produce energy from renewable sources using wind, solar or wave energy from the sea.

Financed by the Ecological Transition Fund, it is possible to contribute to the decarbonisation of Greece. Similarly the island of Elafonisos could turn green while thinking about how to establish a green economy where the whole economy focuses on level 0 of energy footprint.