Julian Dionne tried to tell us how to change the present world to find a better future.
He explains that living and caring for the planet better will give us health on our side.
To make our time worthy and find solutions, we must realize that we are a world, the inner and outer world. Although it is difficult to imagine, we should be convinced that it must be.
The secret of future initiatives in the fields of economics, health science and ecology is courage and determination. Although they already show an incredible amount of courage and attention to the power of human creativity, every voice needs to be heard and must be important.
All initiatives aim to make the world unique and unique.

Professor Nambi told us thatWhen we talk about our health, we reduce everything to physical and mental health.
But we should consider a broader idea of health and well-being in Nature where humans are not the only living beings on earth, but also animals and plants; So when we make them healthy, then we are healthy too. So the main goal is
to keep our environment healthy.
The biggest challenge is the increase of the world’s population and its needs.
For example, in India in 2020 during the pandemic, the government announced the lockdown. Since then, the lifestyle of the population has become cleaner and demand has decreased. So the river became clean and healthy, the animals felt better, the birds flew, so many species reappeared in certain areas such as flamingos that were seen at the Thane stream on March 5, 2020: nature was reborn in all its beauty!
This means that any change that takes place outside the world will have an impact on the inner world. There was a time when we used a lot of pesticides, but now we don’t do it anymore because we understand that we need a new relationship with the environment and that our well-being is strongly connected with the well-being of nature.


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