Paolo Verri presents a new strategy for a new island highlighting the many contemporary issues of our current world, especially between peace and war, how to work and live in this world with a new geopolitical agreement. Retracing the history of the island, he explains the idea of creating a new economy that is not based exclusively on tourism with regular citizens all year round. It explains how Elafonisos could present itself in a post-pandemic world: with a desire for ethnicity, a desire for land, a desire for freedom, … all this in Elafonisos, then a desire for the post-pandemic world, on an island with hidden treasures. Elafonisos can be the first “island destination”, so build an island that is a metaverse and give the opportunity to all the people who love Elafonisos to stay there all year round, with for example the implementation of new digital methods to revitalize the island.


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