Konstantinos Tsoukalas works for WWF and is the coordinator of local activities and actions. He presented the program “Adopt a beach”, which is a program to combat plastic pollution. We know that thousands of tonnes of plastic that end up in nature are sometimes due to poor waste management, negligence, lack of maintenance and lack of hygiene, in any case for a human cause. The Mediterranean Sea is very affected by this pollution phenomenon, especially Greece: some even say that if it does not change before 2050 we will have more plastic and micro plastic than fish in Greece. This obviously has a direct negative impact on marine mammals and fish, because plastic decomposes slowly. This program would therefore allow all citizens, such as schools or scouts, to participate, and not only collect waste, but also become researchers, register, separate waste, which allows a better understanding, a better picture of the situation. The main goal of the program is to raise awareness because we know that this is a huge problem, especially with single-use plastics. 85% of the waste found is artificial polymers. We could apply this program to Elafonisos as well!


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