The speaker explained that for many years environmental protection seemed to be a kind of “luxury”, a matter for rich countries while developing countries could not have this luxury, when it depends on the protection of everything that the human race has created. The most effective way to protect the land, according to scientists, is to ensure that the marine environment and forest remain healthy, and so we must go all the way to protect marine ecosystems. Climate change is everywhere, it affects all countries and it concerns the role and value of marine ecosystems and coastal ecosystems, such as sand dunes which are very important. Activities are already under way, such as the 2000 network, which takes account of marine ecosystems. The main problem is to involve the local population in these projects, it was a mistake to leave this parameter aside before but now we know that it is a very important point. This is one of the ways in which we can move towards a good use of natural resources, which we know are not unlimited, we must find ways to ensure that they will be there to give up their benefits forever, without the risk of exhausting them within 10 years.


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