Nora Loli is an architect specializing in light and presents us with some ways to promote different aspects of nature with art installations. Light would be a “strategy” to change the way we see a landscape, the way we see a monument for example. It also stresses the importance of creating lighting systems that respect the environment, do not disturb ecosystems, do not produce light pollution. It explains how to use light in an ecological way to create a new place with a different character that can attract different audiences and thus transform landscapes, even at night, to promote natural heritage. This idea, like the “Festival of Lights” in Europe for example, is based on light installations in which many artists transform landscapes or monuments into works of art. Explain how lights change everything during a visit, how they transform everything. In the case of Elafonisos, the sunken city of Pavlopetri could be revealed and not hidden thanks to lights that can reveal traces of this ancient city. This would require the creation of a network of lights that react to the wind, which could be very effective in Elafonisos as in all Greek islands in view of the wind. It would be necessary to take into account the particular characteristics of each place: for example, windy or not, but also set precise measurements and prototypes so that it is the best possible. After an exchange with an engineer, this artistic device must also be able to adapt, for example, to sensitive plants and animals, for fish, so as not to disturb the reproduction of turtles, so that the lights are not a problem for migratory birds. We must therefore think of a new vision with environmentally friendly lights.


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