5ES – 14 – Lights for heritage, by Nora Loli

by | Nov 11, 2022

Nora Loli is an architect specialized in lighting design. She presents several ways to promote different aspects of nature through art installations. Light can be a medium to perceive differently a landscape or a monument. She also refers to the importance of creating lighting installations that do not generate light pollution and do not disturb the ecosystem. She explains how to use light to create cultural pockets thus promoting the natural heritage by attracting different type of visitors. She refers to various light festivals in Europe where artists are called to transform landscapes or monuments into land art by using the capacity of light to transform visual reality. In the case of Elafonisos, the sunken city of Pavlopetri could be revealed using lights bringing out the traces of this ancient city. She ends her presentation by sharing parts of her current research project on setting up a network of lights interacting with the wind, a natural element characterizing Elafonisos like many other Greek islands. During her exchange with the engineer, they discussed the importance of adapting the wavelengths and the light intensity to the ecosystems so as not to disturb the fish species, the reproduction of turtles or the migratory birds.