5ES – 13 – A global question in a difficult world, by Els Opsomer

by | Nov 11, 2022

This speaker talks about climate change. For example, there are 30 degrees in Belgium while it is not yet the summer season. The speaker is giving a global question in a kind of difficult world. He wants to raise concerns about what we are experiencing today. There is a lot of tension between humans and nature. It seems to have concrete projects. It is a building material consisting of a mixture of broken stone, sand, cement and water, which can be scattered or poured into molds and forms a stone-like mass on the hardening. In Elafonisos, he wanted to mention all the plastic he found on the way to the island and while walking. One of his projects would be trees. Trees help against climate change and grow in accordance with nature. He also wants to show that humans are cutting down trees to build their stuff as a parking zone, as you can see in the photo.