5ES – 12 – Uniting culture and future, by Anna Kalas

by | Nov 11, 2022

To have concrete actions and results in the Peloponnese, Anna Kalas explains that we need to think about sustainability management. We must respect the monuments, antiquities and wealth of the region. Thus, he explains that tourists today tend to choose places that are in full respect of the environment, we prefer green destinations, in connection with nature. The Peloponnese is going to become highly appreciated by tourists, because it is a place of beauty and therefore requires strategic plans for tourism, which represent great opportunities with concrete actions. It is a way to combine culture and future, bearing in mind that the authenticity of the island of Elafonisos, for example, is the most important thing. There must be a certain duration in the project, not everything has to end in September. We should therefore develop an action to promote all the heritage of the island, the monuments, to transform the experience and not just go to the beach.