5ES – 09 – Working for the next generation by the mayor of Milos, Manolis Mikelis

by | Nov 11, 2022

As mayor of a small island, we have taken steps to think about a new future.
We live in the EEC where European citizens have a good exchange of information and views, where countries can achieve their goals with the help of EU funding.
However, the main problem with EU funding is that small local communities are not represented, so it is difficult for them to have a say in the EU and demonstrate what they need.
As mayor, I tell you that it is easier for us to know what we need and what we want, so the ideal would be to make our island autonomous as it is the only way not to have to depend on others.
To create a green island we need water, self-produced energy and the right funding. That is why we need to focus on the primary sector and on the issue of energy.
We must install wind generators in the sea to avoid visual and noise pollution and also to protect the biodiversity of the island.
It is also important that the mayors of the different municipalities stay in touch to better understand what the energy footprint is in each region, because we must never forget that we are all working for future generations.