Enrico would like to thank all the participants (by Zoom or live). All presentations were very interesting and professional with a straightforward message on the urgent need to enforce a strategic plan focused on sustainable growth. It is imperative to protect what mother Nature has given to Elafonisos and implement the best practices suggested by the different island mayors and avoid the syndrome not invented here.

We realize that there are many investment opportunities, coming from EEC, Greece, Peloponnese and Lakonia, but in order to receive these funding, it is compulsory to have a detailed project and also show how we want to conduct it.

It is a must to have a strong collaboration with the local authorities (from Lakonia and Peloponnese). Therefore, we were impressed by the clear message sent by Governor Nikas, showing his deep interest in our activities and looking forward to see the results of our Symposium: “not only words but action”.


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