Stellios is a physiotherapist, chiropractor, Greek born in Canada, studied in Amsterdam and came back as a teenager to Greece to finally live in Monemvasia.

Stellios says that help our mind and body to make a better quality of life. Mind and Body are together. We are made of miniature bodies which make a whole. We are filled with anxiety, fear and stress which endanger our body and leads it to a negative way. We have to find time for our wellness and for ourselves: making exercise, clearing our mind, erase everything, energize. To find solutions to our diseases, we have to find the problem in our souls.

The biology of belief : we have to believe in changes in order to make it happen. We need to stimulate our mind, body and help others realize how important it is to protect and save our home. He says “ I don’t treat literally people’s problems but I give stimulus to their bodies, in order to cure themselves with different techniques, on specific points, massage techniques. “You give and you receive”. Therefore we have to protect what we have.

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