He mentioned that the first house in Elafonisos was built in 1838 and was the only house on the island until 1864. 

There are almost no fish around Elafonisos, fishermen need to go around Kythera.

Diving park: Small part of sea (maximum 2 km2) where species are not present anymore and where no fishing is permitted only diving and snorkelling. Diving business is tremendous and growing every year, safe and people doing this sport are middle-average class. Sport that can be done in the winter or summer, and people will come to Elafonisos on purpose if they know it’s a good diving spot. After 3 years, the environment of the submarine area comes to what it was 30 years before and after 5 years what it was 100 years ago. Multiplication of the species and they have time to procreate safely.

Tickets for visitors, will pay the safeguards who will look for this 24 hours.

You have to make the park attractive and spectacular to make it known.

Several business people can join and make a good business. Local fishermen would be beneficiary of this. But they need to be educated on this in order to understand the impact. No big investment necessary but education.

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