Zero Waste Italy is a national association that brings together 316 Italian municipalities, many activists and local associations. It’s part of an international movement called ZW Europe based in Brussels. ZW deals with the study, management and reduction of waste, working with schools, companies, public institutions. 

 Since 2012, the common objective at EU level is the recycling of 65% of municipal waste . In hierarchical order the action to be promoted are: reduce, redesign, compost, reuse, repair and at the end only, disposal, in order to leave linear economy and transit through the circular economy. Difficulty: lack of plants to manage separate collection flows. 

For the islands it’s even a more difficult issue as waste must be transported outside the island. Problem of funding. By 2021, with the transposition of the SUP Eu Directive, disposable plastic cutlery, plates, straws etc should be removed (attached image). Penalties will be enforced to the municipalities not cooperating. It’s cheaper to manage waste. Through this academy and network of international contacts with experts, they provide training to public and private subjects.
European movement, head office in Brussels and different branches. 

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