Many things connect the two islands. Waste management and environment protection in Kythera by facing the problems.  5 sectors to deal with:

  1. The water resources
    Large island with many villages which need water. Creation of the port. Dealing with the problem for the future generations
  2. The water waste management
    Need to deal urgently with this matter. Last week, a petition was filed for a 9 million euros’ program with Adonis program to upgrade the old installation. Much bigger issue than the rest
  3. Solid waste management: part of Attica get funds and have built an installation of recycling also glass and will begin the 2nd phase 
  4. Tourist sector – how to deal with the capacity of the island
    Very difficult equation, can not be faced alone, and goes with the other issues we discussed before, as it impact the visitors view. Low budget tourism is not desired. The capacity is to be taken into account. There is an airport, but without mass tourism. There is already 1.5 million visitors per year, thousand of flights. Capacity of the island is full. Hopefully the island will succeed in its U-turn to go to the right direction.
  5. Civil protection : very complicated for the municipality alone. 3 stage manner : by the government, the region involved and from the local authority.

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