• Even if we do things, it’s nothing compared to what should be done
  • Collaboration with the citizen is a must to get successful 
  • Mr Mangos is the mayor for the last 6 years
  • They have in each house separated waste bins
  • Apart from separation, it is important to limit the quantity of littering (this action was very successful as waste was lowered by 85%)
  • Lowered the lighting consumption by using solar panels at the municipality and it decrease the electricity bill
  • At school and street light, they changed all the lights by led in order to save electricity

It decreased by 4 the consumption of electricity

  • Use of an electrical truck to do the street cleaning and will get another one for other services
  • Regarding the water, they repaired an old installation they had and they installed a water kiosk machine which prevented from buying plastic bottles
  • But in the near future they plan to replace this installation by a new one
  • They got an upgrade by subsidies and this way they will have very good quality of tap water, which is not common to small islands
  • Program of 230 000 euros for the preservation and upgrading of the old and new paths for walking and biking around the island

Enrico mentioned that it is very important next time to have as many mayor representatives as possible sharing the same issues, as the human contact can not be replaced.


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