It all began with Mr Komineas, mayor of Astypalea, going to the transportation Ministry and sharing his views on how transport should be in the islands in the future. Sustainable mobility has to do with electrical cars.

On November 4th 2020 a program was set with 4 pillars:

  • Give subsidy to the people of Astypalea in order for them to change their old cars into electrical ones. Volkswagen proposed to sell the cars without representative profit which means half the price it is now. Same for scooters and bicycles and it was announced 2 days before in the Governance meeting.
  • Create public transportation with electrical buses including a mobile control enabling to book a journey by mobile phone. Flexible numbers of buses as it’s not the same population in the winter and summer.
  • Car sharing by the hour
  • All this in order to reduce number of cars, bikes on the streets (from 1 500 to 1 000).
  • Creation of a hybrid power station to produce electricity
  • Making the water drinkable to all, in order to erase the number of plastic bottles
  • Not waste the water but transfer it to the farmers
  • Need to improve the road structure
  • Important to make the population part of the decision process so they feel involved
  • Need to explain them so they are supportive and not skeptical
  • Need to make them understand it will all come back to them.
  • It’s an implementation, not an experiment.
  • Modern technology can support the traditional way of life
  • We need to consume less as we don’t need it at all
  • This project is going to be a model for the rest of the world, not only the islands
  • Astypalea population understands and supports the idea because it’s logical and make sense


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