Preserving the nature for the tourists and the Elafonisiotes. Turning our sustainable development ambition into reality.

We need to identify the issues in order to find the solutions. Some mayors of other islands will share with us their best practices.

Elafonisos is the only island depending of the Peloponnese.

The population varies dramatically from the winter to the summer season.

Six pillars which makes Elafonisos unique: the coasts, the beaches, the flora, the wildlife, the traditions and the archeology.

Our association is the first ecological one in Greece, established in 2013 with 158 members.

We will focus on the following main issues :

  • Developing a broader touristic offer (trekking, diving, cycling, festivals)
  • Find a definition, Elafonisos could stand for.
  • Making a better e-mobility

See below the English presentation done by Enrico Toja



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