4ES – 05 – Summary of the meeting with Iannis Plakiotakis (Minister for Maritime Affairs and the Islands)

by | Dec 12, 2021

Further to our meeting on April 15th with Minister Plakiotakis, here are the main subjects we covered :

  • we will focus on Elafonisos’s main port legal status and we expect your feedback on the subject which is critical for the whole island’s development
  • we will emphasize and investigate the private sector’s interest for investment in a new Marina project in Elafonisos and will ask for your help and support with the official procedure and your office’s know-how.
  • we will expect your help for the development of a diving park in the area, a project that will help the local tourist industry to make the tourist season longer and focus to higher income and more ecological oriented tourists.
  • we will expect your reaction for the issue of the big ships use of the Laconic Gulf as a lay-up anchorage, a practice that represents a real danger for the very sensitive environment of the whole area and especially for Elafonisos which is in a NATURA 2000 status.