DAFNI – Network of Sustainable Greek Islands is a non-profit organization of island local and regional authorities. Founded in 2006, DAFNI aims to strengthen island local governance and help them embark on a sustainable development paradigm, through the integrated management of natural resources and infrastructures, the uptake of sustainable tourism and the enhanced interdependence of the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors.

The transition of islands into a local development paradigm that harnesses their unique natural and cultural capital, creates sustainable growth and offers high-quality of life to residents and visitors.

Supporting, empowering local government, raising awareness and actively involving citizens in the implementation of projects with a positive impact for local development in areas such as: green energy, environment, sustainable tourism, circular economy, sustainable mobility, education and employment.

Our Association, with its President Enrico Toja, had a contact with Kostas Komninos, DAFNI’s General Manager, in order to invite him as a speaker in our Symposium in Elafonisos. Unfortunately with the lockdown, Kostas could not come.

As you can see from the above information, DAFNI is a real asset for the Greek Islands.

Elafonisos has missed important opportunities to have DAFNI invest on our island. You can see the list of project schemes that Elafonisos has missed.


Now…. Finally !!! Elafonisos is DAFNI’s member and we hope that the Elafonisos Mayor and Council will be proactive to contact DAFNI General Manager and present him a list of projects that it can sponsor and finance. Of course our Association is available to help the Municipality in defining the right projects, aligned with the 2025 Strategic Plan.

The following video was shot in Kythnos during the WISEGRID project launch.


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