Vassili and his lovely wife were very collaborative in the preparation of our Ecological Symposium.

We worked with the precious help of Stavros Deligiannidis, Michele, Kostas and Chantal all day on Thursday….and we got the bad news : “from tomorrow… total lockdown !!!”

We did not give up and we went for dinner to Urania with a fantastic snapper prepared by our friend Petros.

We decided to have an ongoing Ecological Symposium, collecting presentations and testimonials.

You will find on our website 18 News (under the 3rd Ecological Symposium), some in Greek, some in English, some in Italian and some …. with songs.

We love Elafonisos and our Ecological Association is there in order to overcome the weaknesses of our island.

Mother Nature gave us a beautiful island and we need to take care of it with an ecological approach, in order to protect the unique Elafonisos nature, the environment and archeological sites and improve the quality of life of its inhabitants and visitors.

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