1 EEW – 62 – “Proposed actions” by Panagiotis Kazasidis, Amateur Astronomer and current President of the Hellenic Amateur Astronomical Union

by | Aug 3, 2023


Panagiotis Kazasidis proposed the following actions :

– Organize astronomy workshops: The association can plan and host workshops that focus on amateur astronomy.
– Establish an astrophotography group: Since the speaker mentioned being an astrophotographer, Elafonisos Eco could create a group or club for individuals interested in astrophotography.
– Collaborate with schools: The association can partner with local schools to bring the mobile Planetarium to their campuses.
– Conduct stargazing events: Elafonisos Eco can organize stargazing events in areas with minimal light pollution.
– Promote environmental awareness: Since the speaker emphasized the importance of taking care of our planet, Elafonisos Eco can incorporate environmental education into their activities.
– Collaborate with the Athens Observatory: As an associate of the visitor center of the Athens Observatory, the association can establish collaborations with the observatory.
– Foster citizen science initiatives: The association can encourage members and the public to
participate in citizen science projects related to astronomy.



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