1 EEW – 59 – “Education for a Green School” – Charalambos Cutroulis Elafonisos – High school Teacher

by | Aug 3, 2023


Charalambos Cutroulis proposed the following actions :

  • The association should emphasize collaboration and social interactions as mechanisms for building knowledge and fostering a learning community. They should encourage collaborative learning and engage with other organizations and individuals to create a society that values environmental education.
  • The association should develop and implement educational programs to help people understand their biophysical environment, raise awareness about environmental challenges, and promote responsible actions for a better environment. They should focus on changing attitudes and values and foster personal responsibility for environmental preservation.
  • The association should collaborate with the municipality, environmental education centers, schools, global organizations, and other relevant bodies to work towards their goals. They should seek partnerships and support to implement their initiatives effectively.
  • The association should educate people, including students and the local community, about the importance of recycling. They can organize workshops, presentations, and activities to raise awareness about recycling practices, waste management, and the impact of overconsumption. They can also distribute recycling bags and promote proper waste segregation.
  • Flood awareness and prevention: The association should educate people about the causes and effects of floods. They can organize discussions, workshops, and activities to highlight human-made activities that contribute to flooding. They should emphasize the importance of proper waste disposal, prevention of river blockage, and responsible environmental practices.
  • The association should encourage individuals, including students, to measure their environmental footprint. They can use applications or tools to calculate their impact on the environment.
  • The association, considering the specific location near the sea, should educate students about the environmental impact of ships and marine pollution. They can organize visits to relevant museums or invite experts to conduct seminars on the subject.
  • The association should focus on improving the quality of education and promoting sustainable practices within the city. They can raise awareness about nature preservation, reduce plastic usage, promote water conservation, energy-saving practices, and waste sorting.
  • The association should introduce and discuss the United Nations’ 17 SDGs, with a focus on specific goals like climate action (Goal 13), sustainable cities and communities (Goal 11), and clean water and sanitation (Goal 6).
  • The association should collaborate with other schools, both locally and globally, to exchange ideas, initiatives, and best practices. They can join networks like the Bravo Schools in Action to participate in joint environmental projects and share their experiences with a wider audience.
  • The association should actively promote and disseminate the knowledge and initiatives they develop. They can use their website, social media, and other platforms to share information, resources, and success stories. This will create awareness and inspire others to take action for the environment.


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