1 EEW – 58 – “Education for a Green School” – Aikaterini Kiriou, Deputy Principal of Elafonisos High School

by | Aug 3, 2023


Aikaterini Kiriou proposed these actions :

  • Elafonisos Eco can work on establishing a science laboratory in collaboration with the Elafonisos High School. This lab would enable students to conduct experiments in physics, chemistry, and biology using cutting-edge equipment.
  • The association can prioritize activities and events that raise awareness and support population groups in need, such as people with disabilities. By promoting fair and equitable access to education, the labor market, and society, Elafonisos Eco can contribute to creating an inclusive environment.
  • Collaborate with environmental organizations: Elafonisos Eco can partner with other organizations that share a passion for nature and environmental conservation.
  • Engage in educational partnerships: The association can collaborate with educational institutions, such as the Environmental Education Center and the local municipality, to implement environmental projects and initiatives.
  • Foster autonomy and project approval: Taking advantage of educational reforms that grant schools more autonomy, Elafonisos Eco can propose and approve projects that align with the official framework of education.
  • Enhance the school environment: Elafonisos Eco can continue making small interventions to improve the school environment. This can include transforming spaces by planting resilient plants from the school’s gardens, making the school more beautiful and eco-friendly.
  • Organize educational trips and visits: The association can arrange visits to various educational institutions, museums, and workshops. These trips can provide students with opportunities to learn about climate change, ecosystems, and sustainable practices.
  • Share ideas and actions: Elafonisos Eco can actively participate in conferences, workshops, and similar events to share their ideas and experiences. By engaging with a broader network of educators and environmentalists, the association can exchange knowledge and collaborate on impactful projects.



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