Amerssa Tsirigoti, gave us his action proposals :

  • Protecting turtles: The organization must take measures to protect the sea turtles present in Elafonisos. This can include initiatives to reduce plastic pollution in the sea, as the presence of plastic has been identified as a threat to turtles.
  • Conducting awareness and education activities to raise public awareness, including children and adults, about the conservation of sea turtles. This can include educational programs, awareness campaigns, and training activities.
  • The organization must advocate to policymakers at all levels to promote the protection of sea turtles. This may involve working with local governments, government agencies, and international organizations to establish regulations and policies for the protection of sea turtles.
  • The organization must implement specific conservation projects to protect sea turtles and their habitats. This may include monitoring fishing activities and reducing accidental captures (bycatch) that threaten sea turtles.
  • The organization must collaborate with other stakeholders such as fishermen, NGOs, scientists, local administrations, and international organizations to implement effective conservation measures.
  • The organization must conduct regular monitoring and collect data on sea turtles and their habitats. This will help better understand the threats they face and guide conservation actions.
  • Advocating for the protection of nesting sites: The organization must advocate for the protection of important nesting sites for sea turtles.
  • Combating marine pollution: The organization must carry out awareness campaigns and concrete actions to combat marine pollution, especially plastic pollution.


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