Stavros Dendrinos and Rouli Prinianaki suggest the following actions :

-Implement initiatives related to the United Nations' sustainable development goals, with a focus on clean water and sanitation, sustainable cities and communities, affordable and clean
energy, and decent work and economic growth.
-Develop tourist experiences that highlight the island’s nature, history, ecology, and gastronomy.
-Establish information points with both digital and printed material to promote and inform visitors about the multi-layered physiognomy of the island and the surrounding region.
-Utilize new technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and extended reality (XR) to enhance visitors’s; experiences of the island's history, nature, and special features.
-Provide infrastructure and facilities to host a wide range of activities and events, with a focus on cultural events and facilities, meeting and activity areas, and information points.
-Create routes of interest in the center of the settlement to enrich the coastal front and provide places for rest, activity, and gathering.
-Offer cultural and artistic workshops, outdoor sports activities, and nature walks to engage visitors during their stay.
-Establish a cohesive model of a green energy community that focuses on circular economy practices, encourages green entrepreneurship, and provides opportunities for young residents.
-Prioritize topics such as cultural and environmental heritage, green and circular economy, and sustainable tourist development for funding and research programs.
-Promote waste reduction, collection, and recycling through information campaigns, the establishment of more collection points, and volunteer actions.


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