1 EEW – 28 – “News from the Future” – Paolo Verri, Cultural Manager, and Stefano Peyretti, Architect

by | Aug 3, 2023


Paolo Verri suggests the following actions :

  • -Prepare a plan to attract not only economical resources but also talents into the island.
  • -Society needs to be constructed beyond the economic variables. ´
  • -To create new models with new realities to think of a future based on sustainability and communities. 
  • -Create strategies to bring more young people to the island that works on technology.
  • -We need to think how many people we need in Elafonisos and what kind of talents we need to attract into the island for progress.
  • -The shape of the future of the island cannot be based only of tourism. The economic model of the island needs to go beyond tourism. 


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